About Me

Hello! My name is Iryna and my internet nickname is Eten-Iren.
Since childhood I have always liked to make something by hand. At the age of 5 my mom taught me how to crochet, later I started to weave different necklaces with beads. As I was growing older I was being captured deeper and deeper by constant flow of life events so somehow there was no time left for my hobby. But once when I was pregnant with my younger son I came across a wonderful piece of polymer clay jewelry and it woke my old passion up. So I realized that I can’t postpone doing what I love so much any more.
As a result my passion has grown into a full-time occupation, because every time I make something I kind of watch a little magical performance and it brings me incredible pleasure. Every item in my Etsy shop is created in a good mood and with good intentions otherwise I can’t make anything. My goal is to make things that bring joy and help you look and feel special.

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